There is a new way to get your balance back on track and create a life on your terms 

How To Break Up With Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety and Self Sabotage Without Losing Your Mind In The Process

From the desk of Danielle Colley. 
Sydney, NSW, Australia. 

What if you really could wake up feeling amazing everyday, like for real? 

What if you could finally STOP binge drinking and eating all the things? 

What if you could move on from the ghosts of your past?
What if you could finally be free of perfectionist tendencies?
What if you could create the life you have always dreamed about, and literally want to high five yourself… 

Feeling empowered, feeling loved, feeling whole and in control? 


...without burning out, getting stressed or overwhelmed? 

This brand new approach to powering up your purpose and preventing self sabotage is completely under the radar.

And I’m so happy you’ve landed on this page, because now I get to share this with you. 

All You Need Is The Ability To Be Yourself 

And A Plan That Can Help You Discover How To Get There.

My closest friends and clients thought I was crazy… until I showed them how just one small booklet, Your Good Life Manifesto, could literally change their lives forever.


And in this letter you’re going to discover exactly how you can use this same approach to: 

  • Finally feel happy living in the skin you’re in 

  • Break up with the habits you despise 

  • Wake up feeling energised, happy and excited everyday

  • Allow yourself to be loved, feel love and love others 

  • And to give yourself a big fat high five - because your life is awesome


Not only that, we’re also going to cover: 

  • How to power up your purpose 

  • What’s holding you back from your alignment 

  • How to totally hack your happiness 

  • Exactly how you’ll go above and beyond your wildest dreams to hit your goals 

  • What are your limiting beliefs and how to SMASH them

  • And how you will launch yourself into a stratosphere of confidence, empowerment, and contentment

I Know These Are Pretty Bold Claims… 


But I’ve used this exact process with thousands of women to go from being stuck, burnt out, traumatised and overwhelmed… to having a complete breakthrough and loving themselves silly. 

Each Of My Clients Have Followed This Exact Process To Find Out Exactly What It Is That’s Holding Them Back, And How They Can Create A Breakthrough, To Live An Empowered Life On Their Terms.

Your Good Life Manifesto Is Perfect For Women Who: 

  • Feel stuck in a world of perfectionism

  • Put a lot of pressure in both career and personal life 

  • Sometimes turn to the bottle, or to the pantry to fix problems 

  • Often feel anxious or overwhelmed, and sometimes on the brink of burnout 

  • Are missing passion in the day to day

  • Struggle to sleep 

  • Feel stuck in a horrible job, and lacking any sort of career progression 

  • Have some really nasty ghosts of the past locked up in a cupboard that keep coming back to haunt… 

But this exact process doesn’t just work with my current clients. 

Here's how it’s changed the lives of others:

Initially I was cynical around whether I had stuff to unpack - having been in therapy for more than a decade and being a business coach myself, surely I was super self aware and had an excellent handle on everything? I was showing up and leaning in and doing the hard work. Or so I thought. 


Two major breakthroughs later, I’ve found myself exposed to deep wisdom and pragmatic tools to shift my behaviour and mindset; while being held accountable for my shit and held in moments of immense vulnerability. 

Lisa D

Your guidance, timeline therapy and expertise gave me a much better understanding to who I am as a person and  be able to work through my road blocks.


"My relationships are changing daily and I feel incredibly grateful to have experienced this breakthrough. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to move forward and experience a positive change. 

Thanks Danielle

Kath J

OMG!!!! Danielle!!!! Are you serious!?


This Manifesto is incredible.


I literally can’t believe I got it for $19.99!


I just wanted to say THANK YOU because the happiness hacks you have discussed in this and the worksheet you provided on limiting beliefs has literally changed my life.

Jess M

Imagine if there was one booklet, one process, that could have the impact on changing the rest of your life.

Let me tell you how it impacted some of my clients: 

When I met Sara she was obsessively checking the locked front door at night and placed items in front of it for safety. She had some serious childhood trauma. After working through our process, she recently shared that she walked past the door one morning recently and realised not only had she forgot to check it, but she forgot to lock it overnight. And she thought it was funny. 


What a breakthrough! 


Petra’s entire identity was wrapped up in her career, and even though she no longer enjoyed being the director of her own agency her breakthrough enabled her to untangle her sense of self-worth and her ideas of success. She realised she was ready to sell the business and move into a new career that better suited her new identity and desires. 


Viv was a real trooper, a two time breast cancer thriver and around the dates of her diagnosis always sent her into a spiral of doom where she just expected her life to completely fall apart for at least eight weeks. She was foggy, emotional and disconnected from herself. We worked through her Breakthrough process and shifted the doom and now those dates are just days on the calendar which slide by often unnoticed!



I'm a Sydney-based integrative life coach who lives with my two fabulously rascally kids, my amazing and only occasionally irritating partner, and a herd of cats.


I began my writing career with a personal blog called Keeping Up With The Holsbys, and over time my blog morphed into an online writing career. My work has featured on many well-known Australia online and print magazines.


Your Good Life was born after a period of dissatisfaction in my life where I was searching for something more. I wanted my life to have more meaningful kapow and for my work to be able to help people to live a happier, more content and more badass life.


I threw myself into learning positive psychology coaching and neuro linguistic programming which led me to writing online and one on one programs in order to give people the tools they need to live the lives they deserve.


And I Believe there’s a pretty big chance that I have been where you’re at right now.

I'm a huge believer in kindness but kindness begins in the smallest of ways and needs to be practiced every day.


I'm not an airy-fairy-ethno-bongo chick banging on about random concepts that are so out there only gurus and swamis get it.


I share simple truths and ways we can all live better together, and be truer to our paths, even if we have no idea where that path is going.


Or where it might begin.


I believe in balance. I love honouring my body with nourishing food and exercise but I also like eating icecream straight from the tub while sipping margaritas in my undies. I believe that everything you need for the best life you can have is already inside you.

You are amazing just the way you are.

So pull up a stool, take a poodle around, introduce yourself and say hi, and get ready to step up into your good life and become a spiritual badass.

I Started Out… Well, Where Do I Begin!?

When I was in my twenties I had a magnificently clear picture of what my life would look like by forty.


I’d be a well-known actor/director who had a fulfilling and sustainable career both in front of and behind the camera, a handsome loving husband, a couple of well-behaved kids, maybe a dog, and definitely, a big beautiful house overlooking the water somewhere.


Fast forward to forty and the only part of that image I had manifested was two questionably behaved kids. I didn’t know if I even liked dogs or my ex-husband. 


I found myself crying at my dining table one day, a single, unemployed, stay-at-home mum.


This was not the plan.


We often fall into jobs, or relationships, or lives that we hadn’t really planned for. 


At some point, we may take a look at our lives and wonder precisely how we ended up quite where we did and, how we became who we are?


Did we hook a left one day when we should have gone right? Maybe it was a missed U-turn?


When life doesn’t turn out how we hoped, planned or expected we can feel everything from disappointment to bitterness and failure. Trust me, I remember it well from my own experiences, and I see it a lot with my clients.

Perhaps you expected to be further along in your career, or even in a career by now? Maybe you expected to be out of the rental market? Did you imagine yourself in a significant relationship by this stage, or do you long to hear the pitter-patter of little feet that have not arrived?


It can be heartrending trying to reconcile the life you dreamed of and desired for yourself, and the life you actually have. In fact, it’s one of the greatest sources of discontent for people.


How do we change our view from focusing on the parts of our plan that didn’t work out to accept and appreciate the life we have created instead?


I used to blame myself. And I really do know what that feels like. 

I have been down the barrel of self sabotage, to the world of binge drinking and crying at my kitchen table. But how have I come back again? 

That’s what I want to share with you today.

The success story. 

The one I wrote for myself. 

Your Story Is Ready To Be Written, You Just Need The Tools To Help You Start. 

So how do you get started? 

Well, my lovely.

You are in the right place. 

The process you need.

Everything you need.
Is right here.



This is a 7 part Manifesto, it’s a roadmap for YOU to create your dream life on your terms.


The journey you will take:

  • The discovery of perspective and self reflection

    Here we look at self discovery of yourself and exactly who you are: 


    • What are your biggest challenges right now and how long have you been putting up with this for? 

    • Is there something in your childhood that caused this bump in the road? 

    • Maybe in Your relationship or in your job? 


    I dare you to uncover exactly what it is that makes you tick and further understand exactly what it is that fuels your fire. 

  • Are you living in alignment?

    Now we’re ready to dive into your values and alignment: 


    • What values are important to you, and why? 

    • Why should you even care about alignment and how it impacts your life? 

    • What becomes negotiable and non negotiable for YOU and who you are 

    • What do your values mean to you and which are your most important? 


    The importance of alignment is that we want to be as close to the core of YOU as we can be.

  • What’s The Deal With Gratitude?

    Everyone is always talking about gratitude, but why does it really matter and what does it mean for you: 


    • What if we actually made a habit out of it? 

    • How can we train our brain to see and feel more positivity? 

    • What do we have to be thankful for and why it’s so incredibly important?

  • The Ultimate Happiness Hack

    Here we start to understand scientifically what daily actions we need to give us 3 magic juices of dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins: 


    • What daily actions do we need to trigger these and how do we get greater control of this? 

    • Your very own Happiness Wheel assessment, a tool that helps you determine in your life where things are working well and where things aren’t working so well 

    • Where are your main areas of satisfaction, what is it that makes YOU tick

    • What do we need to incorporate into your life to bolster the areas that are going well

  • Let’s Set Some Goals Baby

    Goals, goals, goals. Goals are integral to moving forward: 


    • How goals help you when you’re stuck or you’re bored 

    • How goals can help when you don’t know how to move forward 

    • How we use goals to create space and expansion

    • And how we recognise where we’ve gone above and beyond our goals in the past 


    When we realise what we did, and how we achieved all of the things, Breakthrough magic really starts to happen.

  • What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

    Ooooo here’s a toughy. It’s a tough nut to crack. But my love, let me tell you right now. This is the key to the kingdom of dreams. Here we cover: 


    • What is getting in your way? Let’s get clear on exactly what is holding you back 

    • What are you prioritising and how?

    • Where are the sabotages? 

    • What are your patterns? 


    Once we start to recognise your sabotages and your patterns, it’s the most exciting place to be.

  • Time To Bring It All Together

    By this point you’ll have hacked your happy and smashed your limiting beliefs. You’ll be stepping into a beautiful and fabulous YOU - but the best part is that this version of YOU will be the most authentic, genuine and wonderful version of exactly who you are. 


    • What are the neuro pathways and why are they important 

    • What are your strengths, what are the parts you are whole on 

    • How can we make a commitment to ourselves, in our fullest capacity and hold ourselves accountable 

I know - it’s a LOT of jam packed value in this baby.

But don’t just hear it from me:

Ready? Let's choose what is right for you.


  • 56 Pages of Jam packed value (valued at $99)

  • 7 chapters of guided processes and exercises (valued at $99)

  • Create the roadmap to your dream life and get the plan you need to put it into action!





To get your $80 DISCOUNT!


  • Unlock 56 pages of jam packed value (valued at $99)

  • 7 chapters of guided processes and exercises (valued at $99)

  • Your Unique 7 part VIDEO GUIDE showing you EVERYTHING you need to know about how to create Your Good Life Manifesto (valued at $499)

  • 2 x BONUS Mojo Activation Meditations (valued at $59)

  • Access to Revolution (valued at $999)





So, what is it that I do? 


Let me cut straight to the chase.

I’m not here just to nod and listen and hold space.


I’m a “let’s get *#$T done” kind of woman. 


Let’s make a plan.


Let’s solve the problem.


Create a solution. Smash it.


Celebrate yourself and keep on truckin’.


I’m not here to be perfect or even liked,

I’m here to be as me as I can be.


I could talk about all the shit I’ve overcome to get here,

I would rather talk about how freakin’ great life is and how much is flowing to me and through me.


I do not want to spend a lifetime clearing chakras in meditation and belly button gazing.


I would rather look into the eyes of those I love and make the absolute most of this adventure.

I am not going to be for everyone,

But I am on board with myself.


What brings me joy, makes me laugh like a loon, fills my love cup.


I cannot be dumbed down, watered down, or distracted into living a life of obligation or shoulds.


Sometimes I’m love and light.


Sometimes I am wild.


Sometimes I am warrior.


I am happy to share my knowledge and my gifts.


But I won’t share myself with anyone who cannot dream big or mocks those who do.


If you get me, and you want to experience this too,

Drop me a line.


Tell me you’re ready.


Ready to talk about how to get from where you are to where you want to be.


Ready to claim your sovereignty.


Ready to be on board with you more than you ever have been.


I’m ready for you.

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